Friday, April 24, 2015

Docked Where You Never Untie Them from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

Well, it happened again. I think I created something beautiful with some close friends, and a past mentor. Dance, it's so inherently primitive. When we couldn't speak, we emoted through movement. And believe me, I still do it today (if you've ever seen me CUT A RUG). This project was made possible with the brilliantly lyrical poet, Jenny Sadre-Orafai. Check out her work, Her life is beautiful and she does beautiful things. Enjoy, "Docked Where You Never Untie Them." A.A.

Love is Absolute

Love is Absolute from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

I recreated a DOPE scene from a DOPE movie with some DOPE actors. Enjoy, "Love is Absolute." I love you, Chivo.

The Life and Times of Abijeet Achar from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

One of my first experiences shooting 16mm on the Bolex. And woah, I went a little nuts. I guess, subconsciously, I'm a huge narcissist. I suppose it comes with the territory. This project is how I realized. Enjoy, "The Life and Times of Abijeet Achar." Don't blink.


SCARS from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

My god, call me Abirefn. An homage to the surreal and gritty styles of Nicolas Winding Refn. Something fun, something intense, something visually engaging. My ram jam. Enjoy, "Scars." A.A.

Anna at the Bar

Anna at the Bar from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

That look, the bleed, 16mm film shows the conflict of light and dark. A recreation of a painting in a master shot sequence. Enjoy, "Anna at the Bar." A.A.

I Am Emerson #1

I Am Emerson #1 from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

I work at the office of Communication and Marketing at Emerson College. My job? Make Emerson look dope, and highlight their dope students. I think we nailed it with the new student spotlight series, "I Am Emerson." #1 highlights my #1 actress, Cristina Scherban. Enjoy. A.A.